Featuring our beloved artist Kirtanraw with the message Stay Home

天生我才必有用!Kirtanraw是印华混血自闭儿,但双亲尽心培育,迄今开了多个画展,自成一格。家有障疫孩子的父母,你们的不弃不离是孩子的一切!不论多苦多难,加油!别放弃!不过也不是个每个自闭儿都有特殊天份。Today I would like you to know a successful artist Kirtanraw. He is autistic . His parents did whatever they can to help develop his talent. Everyone has a talent . So all parents out there , do yr best with yr kids. However hard, don’t give up ! Kirtanraw says: stay at home, stay safe & do painting !https://www.thestar.com.my/lifestyle/family/2019/04/17/kirtanraw-autism-artist-exhibition-paintings

Posted by Chong Eng on Wednesday, April 8, 2020


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