Kiwanis Club of Penang Central


KIWANIS CLUB OF PENANG CENTRAL (KCPC), formed in October 2017 is a mere two years in age, yet KCPC received the Best Club Report & Best Exhibit Booth awards at the Kiwanis Malaysia Annual Convention 2019. In addition, KCPC was also awarded a consolation prize in the Best Project category at the event.

KCPC membership today stands at 53; KCPC members are passionate, dedicated and committed in offering personal time and effort in contributing their very best for the good of the community.

In the two-year span since its formation, KCPC has organised many projects supporting NGOs as detailed below and this has helped to bring up a more vibrant community society in Penang.

Gift of Sight Project – KCPC mobilised 295 students from SJK Li Tek, Penang for a free eye examination together with Focus Point, Penang. Eighty “Gift of Sight” sponsorships given out.

KCPC has raised funds for their three signature projects namely:

  1. Kiwanis Educates Children for the Future
  2. The Young Enterprise Programme (YE)
  3. The Mental Health Series (MHS)

On top of that, KCPC also organised the Amazing Penang Hill Challenge Treasure Hunt to promote awareness of our beautiful Penang and its many splendored facets: heritage sites, delicious cuisine, street art and science discovery centre.

KCPC’s objective is to help society, in particular the under-privileged, with an added focus on youth and children. It’s about the collective effort of club members, pooling their skills and resources, to improve the lives of the under-privileged, one child and one community at a time. It’s about touching hearts by organising and conducting projects filled with life-changing activities.



This is a series of programmes and projects made available to school students that aim to supplement and support the existing education system with interesting, mentally stimulating activities. The purpose is to enable students to extend and enrich their learning experiences with additional programs beyond the current education structure, such as: chess, science discovery at Tech Dome, Penang, Mind Festival Games at the Penang Math Platform, Math Quiz at University Sains Malaysia, a Wealth Planning – financial Knowledge and integrity course and many others.

KCPC adopted the Methodist Boys’ School in this programme, initiated by the American Chamber of Commerce in Penang. Although the YE Programme has run for many years where multi-national companies act as corporate advisors for schools, this is the first a Kiwanis Club has participated in YE as a sponsor.

Under this project, KCPC guides school students on how to register a company with the Registrar of Companies, to issue shares, sell shares develop products, sell and market products, write profit and loss accounts, write an annual report, declare profits and eventually liquidate the company. Elements of STEM and STEAM are introduced in this programme. In 2019, KCPC has also initiated the commencement and registration in a Key Club (Youth Kiwanis Club) in MBS which is open to both YE and non-YE students.

MHS was birthed primarily to address concerns on the rising numbers of youth suicide. It is a collaboration between KCPC and the Child & Adolescent Unit, Psychiatric Unit, Penang General Hospital. MHS is a continual series of free talks, workshops and interactive sessions conducted by local and foreign psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health professionals and special needs specialists. This series aims to train teachers, educators, counsellors and parents to be better equipped to help children who face mental issues and to educate and guide all students and youth in a positive, encouraging manner. The series also aims to help children and youth cope with mental challenges and concerns, such as school refusal, examination performance and stress management.

Gift of Sight Project is a collaboration between Focus Point’s Caring Heart Foundation and Kiwanis Malaysia to identify students between the age of seven to seventeen from marginalised families (B40 category) with need for prescription glasses, our Malaysian answer to the call to action prioritising Vision First.